Leveraging Data to Drive Growth in Leisure, Hospitality, & Entertainment

Carousel Insights, led by Mark Kupferman, uses advanced analytics and in-depth consumer insights to empower your business. With over 30 years of industry experience, we help you navigate the data carousel to unearth strategies that stimulate growth, optimize customer experiences, and foster loyalty.

Experienced Leadership

Mark's 30-year journey through some of the world's most dynamic consumer-focused organizations equips him with unparalleled leadership and industry knowledge.

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Where others stop at customer acquisition, we delve deeper, specializing in maximizing customer lifetime value.

Insight-Driven Growth

Known for utilizing data analytics and consumer research, Mark unlocks strategic insights, creating opportunities for transformative growth.

Proven Strategies

Our strategies are built on a solid foundation of experience, with every recommendation thoroughly tested, validated, and optimized for effectiveness.

Tailored, Innovative Solutions

We provide tailored solutions, blending a variety of SAAS providers and technologies. Our approaches, rooted in experience, case studies, and tested frameworks, are custom-designed to make your business stand out.

Clear Implementation Roadmap

We go beyond delivering a report. Expect a detailed implementation roadmap, complete with comprehensive documentation and hands-on leadership, ensuring your success at every step.

About Mark Kupferman

With 30 years of leadership in marketing, technology, and data/analytics within the leisure, hospitality, and out-of-home entertainment industry, Mark has mastered the art of leveraging technology and data-driven solutions. His record of increasing sales, enhancing guest experiences, and boosting customer loyalty speaks for itself. He brings a wealth of experience from managing diverse portfolios spanning theme parks, resorts, restaurants, leisure hotels, and beyond.

Mark Kupferman