Leverage technology to better understand customers and create stronger, more profitable relationships with guests.

Carousel Insights, led by industry expert Mark Kupferman, empowers out-of-home entertainment businesses with cutting-edge technology and analytics solutions. With over 20 years of experience in B2C lifecycle marketing, Mark helps organizations reduce churn, increase customer lifetime value, and create lasting relationships with their consumers.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Consumer Insights & Research
  • Customer Data Analytics
  • Retention Marketing Programs
  • CRM and Personalization
  • Website Strategy & SEO
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Online Service Strategy

Why Carousel Insights?

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    Over 20 Years of B2C Lifecycle Marketing Experience

    Mark has held leadership roles at some of the largest, most dynamic, consumer-facing organizations in the world. He has personally conducted or led numerous consumer studies, analyzed massive pools of data, architected loyalty programs, and led marketing teams. He's been successful at creating retention programs that consistently reduce churn and grow customer lifetime value.

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    A Career Focused on Growing Customer Lifetime Value

    There are numerous agencies and programs to help you advertise better and acquire new customers. Mark is unique because of his extensive experience designing and executing programs that leverage technology to build and solidify customer relationships.

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    Consumer Insights That Drive Real Growth

    Mark made his name by leveraging data analytics and first-party, primary consumer research to create insights that lead to epiphanies that lead to business-changing opportunities.

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    Strategies Based on Experience, Not Theory

    Mark brings to you a foundation of experience built on tests that worked and some that didn't. Nothing gets rolled out until it is tested, validated, and optimized.

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    Out-of-the-Box Solutions Based on Your Unique Situation

    Mark designs custom solutions for clients leveraging a wide variety of SAAS providers and technologies. Past experience, case studies and well-tested frameworks serve as a foundation for establishing new paradigms that allow clients to stand out from their competition.

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    Clear Implimentation Protocols & Documentation

    Mark won't hand you a report and say, "Have at it!" Mark will provide a clear roadmap for implementation, including documentation and in-the-field leadership.

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About Mark Kupferman

Mark Kupferman has over twenty years of experience leveraging consumer insights, websites, content strategies, CRM, and social media to forge lasting, meaningful, relationships between businesses that offer great products and stellar service and their customers. For the last decade, he was responsible for growing and maintaining the various loyalty programs at Six Flags, most recently as their Senior VP of Consumer & Guest Engagement.

Mark Kupferman