Revenue Management

Revenue management helps to ensure your pricing strategy is on point with your financial and organizational objectives. We can help you maximize gross margin dollar through price testing programs, A/B testing, dynamic pricing programs and bundling/de-bundling initiatives.

Revenue Management Services

Carousel Insights can offer expertise to help you identify and implement revenue management strategies that will increase your revenue and gross margin dollar:
Revenue Management Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment

We can review your pricing structure, your sales, and your customers to identify opportunities to grow revenue and gross margin dollars.
Revenue Management Program Execution

Program Execution

Depending on whichever opportunities you want to implement, we can help you design, execute and administer your program.
Revenue Management Custom Analytics

Custom Analytics

We can help you analyze the sales and usage data for the products you’re already selling and help you understand what is working and what isn’t.

Revenue Management Opportunities

These are some of the more common opportunities that most out-of-home, location-based entertainment venues have to grow their revenue without simply raising their prices:
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    Optimize Your Product Mix

    While it's easier to have one simple "general admission" ticket type, it is definitely not the most profitable. We can, through research and testing, help you identify the right mix of pricing and products to create the most revenue without overstretching your ability to sell and provide service.

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    Market Segmentation Opportunities

    Are you offering everyone the same discounts and deals? You shouldn't. We can help you target the right people in your advertising and CRM programs with the right offers to maximize your attendance and gross margin dollar.

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    Premium Experience Integration

    Are you able to create a "premium" version of your experience? There is a market out there willing to pay for it. We can help you figure out what they want most and what they'd be willing to pay.

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    Always On A/B Price/Product Testing

    If you're selling your admission products online, you should always be A/B price/product testing. There is no easier way to maximize your revenue!We will work with you and your eCommerce provider to get an ongoing testing program in place.

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    Bundling/De-Bundling Opportunities

    There is no easier way to drive in-venue revenue that through pre-sold packages and bundles -- preferably those that include tickets. We can help you figure out what to include in each bundle, how to execute, and what to charge. We can also help you think about times when you should be selling components of your experience a-la-carte.

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    Dynamic Pricing & Yield Management

    Whether we're talking about tickets, in-venue experiences, or food/merchandise, charging different prices at different times depending on demand offers unique (but sometimes hard to capture) revenue opportunities. We can help you figure out what will work and how to implement it.

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    Competitive Price Benchmarking

    While most out-of-home entertainment experiences are highly differentiated, studies have shown that price is still a surprisingly important driver for most consumers when they are choosing one experience or another. We can help you to understand how you compare and to what degree it matters.

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    Recurring Revenue Programs

    Monthly Subscription/Membership programs where consumers sign up and stay in the program until they cancel represent a significant opportunity for many out-of-home entertainment venues to grow their recurring revenue and reduce new acquisition risks and costs. We can help you determine if a recurring revenue program makes sense for you and help you get it set up.

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    Upsell/Add-On Strategies

    Selling your guest a ticket isn't enough. Upsell them to the next level before the transaction is over. Get them to add-on before they even visit through an email. Get them to upgrade after they visit. We can help you figure out what your opportunites for upsells and add-ons are, and help you implement them.