CRM and Personalization for Out-of-Home Entertainment

We help you leverage modern CRM tools to grow your list and create seamless, personalized experiences for your customers.

When you have hundreds of thousands of customers a year, it is hard to give everyone the personal attention they deserve, especially when they aren’t at your venue. Yet over 90% of consumers nowadays say they expect personalized, relevant communication from businesses. They get frustrated with those who send them irrelevant messaging about products, attractions, services, and events they don’t care about. Consumers are unwilling to tolerate blast email advertisements anymore. They want personalized, relevant communications that deliver value.

Modern customer relationship management (CRM) platforms make this possible. They let you leverage everything you know about each customer — who they are, where they live, their purchase/engagement behavior, and their preferences — to create individualized, relevant streams of communications through email, SMS, and mobile app notifications, and even advertising.

Why Invest in CRM

A high-performance CRM program is the core of an effective retention marketing program. Many venues are investing in CRM/personalization capabilities, and those that aren’t will be at a competitive disadvantage.

A great CRM program/implementation has the potential to:

  • Drive incremental visitation, increased spending, and customer lifetime value
  • Improve the loyalty quotient of your guests
  • Vastly expand your in-house mailing list
  • Reduce your marketing/advertising costs
  • Create better, faster, automated service experiences

Why choose Carousel Insights to help with your CRM?

Mark Kupferman has over 20 years of experience with email marketing, CRM programs, and lifecycle marketing for out-of-home attractions. He is Salesforce Marketing Cloud certified, and he is familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of different CRM systems. He can help you design and implement an optimized system that is perfect for your organization.

CRM/Personalization Services

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    CRM Program Assessment

    We'll map out your customer journey, review your current CRM program, system, and capabilities, and make specific recommendations as to how you can improve the health of your mailing list, improve your engagement, and drive incremental visitation and revenue.

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    Expand Your Mailing List

    We'll design a plan to help you significantly grow the size of your active mailing list. We'll also help you put in place strategies to protect your list and keep it engaged leveraging best practices and technology.

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    Optimize Your Email Program

    We'll help you use your list to improve deliverability, increase engagement, and drive more sales through field-tested best practices. We'll set you up so your existing team can be more effective and can get the most from the tools that you've invested in, or we can recommend alternative tools that deliver more.

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    Implement a CRM System/Strategy

    We'll help you take your CRM system to the next level by helping you leverage everything you know about your guests (demographics, purchase history, preferences, and behavior) to drive incremental attendance, sales, and lifetime value.

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    Launch a Personalization Program

    We'll help you to leverage your CRM system to create seamless, frictionless, one-to-one personalized experiences for your guests. You'll replace blast email messages with targeted transactional journeys.

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    Design & Launch a Loyalty Program

    We'll evaluate (and, if applicable, design and implement) a loyalty program that gets you great data about your customers and provides a tools for measuring and rewarding engagement.

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    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud, especially combined with Salesforce CDP, is by far the best, most flexible program for creating one-to-one personalized relationships with your guests. We can help you make the most of your investment with market-specific implementation services.