Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is free, so most attractions have it integrated into their websites — at a basic level. While dropping the Google Analytics snippet onto your site will give you some very basic statistics about how many people are visiting, it’s possible to take it a step further to gain a deeper understanding of how consumers are leveraging your website.

A rich integration of Google Analytics can tell you:

  • Detailed e-commerce reporting
    • Which products they are buying
    • Path to purchase funnel
  • Errors your guests are encountering
  • Which videos are popular
  • What links people are clicking to other sites
  • Documents people are downloading
  • Popular pathing through your website
  • A/B test results

Setting up your Google Analytics integration to be able to view these sorts of reports is “non-invasive” (it doesn’t require you to change the way you run your website) but it does require some additional coding, setup, and occasional maintenance.

Google Analytics 4

Google has been rolling out a significant upgrade to Google Analytics called “Google Analytics 4” which will require some amount of effort to integrate into your website. The “old” version of Google Analytics — Universal Analytics — is being phased out and will no longer work beginning in July, 2023.

Converting a very basic Universal Analytics integration to Google Analytics 4 is fairly easy. However, if you are tracking e-commerce behavior or have done some significant work to customize your implementation of Google Analytics you will need to start setting up Google Analytics now in order to have year-over-year comparison data.

Google Analytics Integration Services

Whether you are integrating Google Analytics into a new site or need to upgrade your current instance of Universal Analytics, Carousel Insights can help. We have extensive experience with Google Analytics 4 and can help you setup and configure Google Analytics 4 so that you capture all of the new benefits that are available as it relates to your website and operations. Contact us for details.