17 Best Low-Budget and Free Email Testing Tools for 2022

Campaign Monitor has published a list of 17 low-budget (or free) email testing tools for 2022. Some of the tools are redundant (you only need so many different tools to check your DMARC status) but in my experience, many businesses aren’t using any of these tools, so the list is well worth a look.

The tools they recommend that I particularly like are:

  • Sender Score, which lets you see how your IP addresses are perceived from a spam standpoint by some platforms.
  • SendForensics is a handy, inexpensive service to help you evaluate the details of your setup, especially if you are hosting your own email delivery.
  • For email list validation, they recommend Pabbly, Emailable, Clearout, and BriteVerify. I’ve always used Kickbox.io, which is essentially the same price.
  • For content optimization, they recommend Grammarly (which is very helpful) and a few subject line checker tools that are free.
  • For email testing, the recommend @Testi. I’ve always used Litmus, but this appears to cost much less.

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