Current Status of Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Last fall Apple introduced a feature in iOS 15 which allowed consumers to obfuscate their engagement with email by marking all emails as open (whether they were opened or not). In this article, Campaign Monitor examples the impact it has had on open rates since then.

  • 75% of all Apple iPhone users are currently using iOS 15, and 97% of those have turned on MPP. Sparkpost estimates 40-50% of all email opens come from MPP devices.
  • Average open rates have increased from around 19% to 30% since September
  • This impacts the reliability of both the open rate and the click-to-open rate.

To mitigate these effects, Campaign Monitor has segregated the opens from MPP-impacted devices. However, they note that there is more to come — Gmail and DuckDuckGo are both implementing their own privacy features, and they expect more actions in the future.

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