How High-Tech Consumers Connect To Subscription And Loyalty Offerings ( report)

As part of their Digital Divide series, recently received a report in which they example how high-tech consumers connect to subscription and loyalty offerings.

In January they surveyed around 2,200 U.S. adults. About 10% were segmented into the group “High-Tech” — they tended to be younger and more wealthy. “Low-Tech” respondents owned the fewest electronic devices and tended to be older and make less money, and the remaining 55% were somewhere in the middle.

The report ultimately focused on the integration of technology into the restaurant experience. I really liked the following chart:

Features that motivate consumer spend
Features that motivate consumer spend: Share of consumers who are encouraged by select features to make purchases at restaurants, by persona

My main takeaway was that there are several features that, while appealing to me (as part of the “High Tech” group) that most consumers aren’t excited about. It strikes me that the best bet (assuming that you have limited resources) is to focus on what the mainstream consumers are interested in, which tend to also appeal to the high tech group.

This likely also holds true for restaurant subscription services, which while apparently quite “popular” among the high tech group (34%, but only 3% of all respondents), these programs were much less popular among mainstream and low-tech groups.

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