Loyalty & Personalization Are Top Priorities for eCommerce Execs in 2022

Namogoo, in conjunction with Microsoft, recently released the results of their 2022 Annual Global eCommerce Leaders Survey where they spoke to 200 senior eCommerce executives about their priorities for 2022. Loyalty programs and website personalization were among the top priorities, along with cost optimization and site performance.

Cost optimization was the highest priority among the respondents, which was a significant change from last year’s survey when it didn’t even make the list.

eCommerce execs are also focused on Average Order Value (AOV) as their top KPI for 2022, up from 34% last year. Customer Lifetime Value fell the most from 58% last year to 31% this year. The implication is that eCommerce companies are more focused on the short term.

Social media influencers and email are the two preferred promotional channels for 2022. About 30% of eCommerce leaders say they expect to increase promotions this year, compared to only 16% who intend to reduce.

Top strategies for 2022 are ultimately focused on creating easier, faster, and more seamless purchase experiences. 80% plan to improve their checkout process, and 79% say they expect to improve the user experience overall. 78% are pursuing on-site personalization programs.

They think that the biggest points of friction in the customer journey are a lack of product reviews (47%); product search issues (39%); and challenges caused by shoppers using pop-up coupon and price comparison browser extensions.


The survey was conducted by Namogoo and Microsoft. The 200 senior eCommerce executives were from a mix of companies of different sizes from both the UK and United States.

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