Resources for “How to” Guide for Research Tactics Within the Attractions Industry

This is where you will find additional resources for my upcoming presentation at IAAPA entitled, ““How to” Guide for Research Tactics Within the Attractions Industry”

If you’re setting up a research program and want/need someone to bounce a few ideas off of, please don’t hesitate to send me a note. Definitely connect with me on LinkedIn!

While I’m not consulting any more, I’m glad to lend a hand!

IAAPA Presentation

Here is a copy of the presentation I gave at IAAPA on November 16. There is both a PDF and Powerpoint version. The Powerpoint version is more “fun” because it has my animations and more interestingly, it has my notes — which is more or less what I said in my presentation.

White/Hutchinson Blog

Randy White is a consultant who exclusively studies the leisure and location-based entertainment industry. He publishes a monthly newsletter and blog that is required reading if you want to keep up with consumers.

Voice of the Visitor

PGAV Destinations surveys 1,500 American consumers each year to understand consumer intent to visit destinations.

Vendors I Have Experience With

The following are vendors that I’ve worked with and had a good experience or I know people who have had a good experience with them. They’re here as a starting point to help you find what you’re looking for.
Research Kiosks


Features great systems for collecting data inside the park. The hardware can go just about anywhere, and they even offer contactless solutions.
Geolocation Intelligence


Geolocation Intelligence provider. They use cell phone tracking data to tell you about your foot traffic, including place of origin, length of stay, other places/stores they’ve visited recently, basic demographics, and behavioral profiles.
Ethnography Software


Provides a relatively expensive, easy-to-use self-ethnography platform that allows you to have a bunch of your guests document their experience using video, voice, and text updates.
Online Survey Software


Easy to use survey software platform that is fairly inexpensive and very powerful. Also has great reporting.


Excellent research platform that is very friendly. I’ve used it for around 15 years. It is expensive, but it does whatever you need and they provide a lot of handholding.


This is an inexpensive platform that you can host yourself. If you’re collecting a lot of responses, this will keep your costs down (assuming you host it on your own server). This also makes it fairly easy to integrate the data you collect with back end systems.
Web Testing/Traffic Surveying


Easy-to-use software that lets you post very short surveys right on your website. Useful for design tests and prototype testing in particular.
Consumer Panel Providers
These are third-party panel providers to you can work with directly to survey consumers living in your area.


This is an inexpensive panel provider with good quality controls. They’ll also field your survey for you. They also have an international panel.


In addition to offering survey software, Alchemer also has a significant panel you can easily use to find respondents for your Alchemer-based surveys. It’s self-service, and very easy. USA only.


This is another inexpensive survey panel provider who offers good quality respondents. They are very fast, and have international panels available.