Annex Cloud’s Top 10 Loyalty Predictions for 2022

The leadership team at Annex Cloud assembled their top 10 loyalty trends for 2022, along with commentary. It is an excellent read.

The trends that they covered include:

  1. Loyalty programs will emerge as a winning medium for data collection with attention to privacy and consent.
  2. Loyalty programs will drive demand for chief data officers and data analyst roles
  3. Crypocurrencies and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) will become mainstream in the loyalty industry.
  4. Loyalty programs will shift focus from birthday/anniversary rewards and miscellaneous perks to solving problems.
  5. Brands will further leverage FOMO
  6. There will be a significant rise in coalition and partnership programs
  7. The continued rise of emotional loyalty
  8. Card-linking will become the norm
  9. Personalization and CX will remain the prime focus of brands in 2022

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