Clarus Commerce publishes 2022 Customer Loyalty Data Study

Clarus Commerce has published the 2022 edition of their customer loyalty data study, where they asked 2,500 consumers what drives them to engage with their favorite brands.

A few key findings:

  • The quality of the underlying product is most important, although many consumers (especially younger consumers) are looking for a sense of community.
  • “Sense of community” is driven by the opportunity to join online groups and attend in-person events. It is not driven by exclusive products or offers.
  • Consumers are not afraid to back away from beloved brands if the product quality declines, or if prices go up. About a third are sensitive to the publicly stated social values of the brand.
  • Consumers are most likely to listen to friends or family when it comes to choosing which brands to buy from. However, media coverage still matters, as do their religious beliefs and political views. Interesting, paid celebrity endorsements are held in the same esteem as unpaid endorsements.
  • It is hard to get people to talk about brands publicly. While 48% will tell their friends or family about their favorite brand, only 17% say they will post about it online using hashtags or handles.
  • Three-quarters of consumers are willing to share their email address, but only 38% are willing to share their phone number and only 21% are willing to share their social media identity.

The report asks some insightful questions which are useful for setting reasonable objectives for your loyalty programs overall.

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