Finserv’s 19th Annual Gift Card Insights Survey

Fiserv has just published their 19th annual U.S. Prepaid Consumer Insights survey where find out what people are thinking about gift cards. What struck me are a few of the differences between 2019 and 2021. For example, roughly the same proportion of people say they often buy gift cards for the holidays (41% in 2019, 38% in 2021) but the proportion of people buying them for birthdays has dropped substantially from 65% to 31%.

18% of consumers also say that they buy gift cards for themselves — usually to receive some kind of a discount (45%), but also as part of their participation in a loyalty/rewards program (44%).

I found it interesting that three-quarters of consumers don’t actually care what the gift card looks like — even if it is a gift.

In terms of innovation, 55% of consumers would like to see a gift card they could use at any restaurant, and 43% would like more e-gift cards that can be delivered immediately. 35% would like to be able to store all of their gift cards on their phone.

When it comes to loyalty programs, 37% say they would like to receive a bonus gift card for points compared to only 29% who say they want a dollar amount discount.

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